Terms and Conditions

Everything we sell has been carefully selected and cleaned before being sold to you. In rare instances we will sell direct from the manufacturer and will be in unwashed/cleaned condition. It was be just like buying from any other store. We take careful steps to ensure that the product will be up to your 100% satisfaction. Most of our goods have been used and worn before. If they are unsatisfactory to us, it will be unsatisfactory to you. Therefore you won't find it for sale here. If it does have imperfections, we will point them out. If there is no identification any imperfections you can expect at least a 9/10 condition, meaning no physical flaws.

We also ensure 100% legitimacy on everything we sell. No counterfeits, bootlegs or fakes for sale here. If you see something that does NOT look 100% accurate please reach out to us. 

As a result, any return or unsatisfactory purchase we will ask you to burden the cost of shipping back. We will do the best we can for you. 14 days on any open case.

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